Administering the goods of the diocese

Administration and Charitable Structure

The Plymouth Diocesan Trust

Plymouth Diocesan Trust is a charitable trust, established by a trust deed dated 15 April 1931. The Charity registration number is 213227.

By a certificate dated 12 June 1931, the Trustees of Plymouth Diocesan Trust are registered as a body corporate known as Plymouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered.

The moneys and other property of the Charity are vested in the Trustees who have overall control of the Charity’s affairs. The Trustees have appointed a Finance Committee to advise and make recommendations on the administration and management of the Charity.

The objects of the Charity:

  • the provision and maintenance of churches, presbyteries, and schools;
  • the provision of religious services;
  • the education and training of priests;
  • the advancement or maintenance of the Roman Catholic religion in the Diocese;
  • the maintenance and support of priests, the poor and others.

The Administrative Structure of the Diocese
The assets of the Diocese are held subject to the Plymouth Diocesan Trust Deed, dated 15 April 1931 and the permanent trustee of that deed is Plymouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered.

Statutory Accounts


The Vicariate exists to service the needs of the Bishop and Trustees in exercising their civil responsibilities for the material assets of the church of the Diocese of Plymouth and its parishes. In so doing it deals with matters including accounts, banking, gift aid, insurance investment, legacies, land and property, health & safety, human resources and building projects.

Episcopal Vicar for Administration
Fr. Kieran Kirby
01392 272815

Administrator to Œconomus, Property and HR Managers
Jan Holton
01364 645383

Other email addresses for the Vicariate for Administration: