Children & Family Life

Children & Family Life

This strategic priority will build on the work of the local Catholic Children’s Society providing material and moral support to families in need and parenting programmes.

Support will also be provided through parishes, schools and other charities.

Principal Objectives

  •  To provide a safety net to families of all faiths and none.
  •  To provide practical and emotional support to parents and carers through parenting programmes.
  •  To provide support to families affected by challenges such as ill health, disability, bereavement and those caring for children with additional needs.
  •  To move towards a fair, living wage.
  •  To support Community Sponsorship schemes for refugee families.
  •  To support the Pro-Life message that man and woman is uniquely created in the image and likeness of God and deserves respect from the first moment of biological development to its natural end.

Principal Activities

  •  Provide a stop gap for families in need while waiting for other external support.
  •  Provide grant funding for families in need.
  •  Provide a non-judgemental, friendly and accessible contact point for parents and carers.
  •  Provide diocesan support for catechesis for children with additional needs.
  •  Deliver the following parenting programmes: Parenting through the Early Years, Parenting through the Primary Years and Parenting through the Teenage Years.
  •  Support the diocesan campaign to ensure a fair, living wage.
  •  Fundraise for and support Community Sponsorship schemes for refugee families.
  •  Liaise with charities and agencies supporting vulnerable life in the womb.