Living the Faith 

Love in Action


Christian faith is not primarily a set of principles or a philosophy to follow, it is a way of life – it is about seeing the world in the light of the gospel and trying to live my life in accord with that. No two people’s lives are exactly the same; everyone lives their own life with all the ups and downs, all the disasters and successes that make it up. But everyone lives their own life guided by what is seen as important, what is seen as right, what is seen as life-giving.

For Christians that is the teaching of Jesus and the faith that the Church presents to us. We are all invited to live our own particular life guided in that way. Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, fit or ill, married or single whatever background you come from, whatever your own personal strengths and weaknesses, Catholics believe your life can be  fruitful and fulfilled when lived according to the teaching we are offered by Christ and his church.

A Way of Life

There are many ways of living the Catholic faith, while they are different from one another, what matters to them all is living that life faithfully and fruitfully. God’s grace is always available to everyone, in whatever state of life they undertake.

The Church’s year

Apart from the normal calendar year from January to December, different ways of looking at the cycle of time have their own reckoning – like the school year or the financial year. The Church too has its own way of following time. The Church’s year is structured around the two great celebrations of Christmas and Easter. Each of these two moments is preceded by a period of preparation and followed by a season of celebration.

Retreats & pilgrimages

Retreats are for everyone – for ordinary people at any time in our lives. They give us the opportunity to step aside from the normal pattern of our, often very busy lives and spend some time in silence and reflection. They give time for our minds, our bodies, and most especially our spirit, to be refreshed. The Gospels tell us that Jesus regularly withdrew to a place of silence and stillness. There he listened to his Father so that he could continue with the mission he had been sent to accomplish. A retreat is a chance for us to listen once again to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, encouraging and guiding us through life.

Marriage and Family Life 

The Marriage & Family Life Office supports the specific pastoral initiatives prioritised by the Bishops of England and Wales.