How we work

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The Diocese of Plymouth has a dual identity as a part of the Universal Church entrusted to its local bishop, and as a Charitable Trust in the law of the country. As a Diocese it is responsible for the mission of the Church in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. As a Charitable Trust it is responsible as a civil body for the proper exercise of its aims in accordance with all law governing employment, financial control, property, safeguarding, health and safety and so forth. The Diocese therefore has in place all proper means to ensure its mission in accordance with the Canon Law of the Church and also ensures compliance with civil law through the use of employed professional people and volunteers. As far as possible the oversight of these two elements are realised in the same people and bodies that exercise both mission and compliance. This is most specifically the role of the Diocesan Curia. The Curia is made up of those who exercise the Bishop’s oversight of mission across the Diocese and act as those with responsibility at the level of the Diocesan trust for ensuring the Charity is fully compliant. The Curia is there to support parishes and their countless volunteers to be both effective in the mission of the Church and compliant with the demands of civil law.