The young

Let the little children come to me, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.

Matthew 19:14

The young are not just the church of tomorrow they are the church of today – through baptism they belong and as vulnerable members of the Body of Christ they need the care and attention of all members of the church. Jesus had a particular appreciation of the young and called all his followers to be like them, so they are a great treasure and the church takes its responsibility to them very seriously.

All parishes try to cultivate and encourage children and young people in their faith, and most do this through helping them appreciate the Mass (liturgy of the word for children), through forming them in faith (catechetic), through helping them belong (youth clubs and social activities) and helping them take responsibility in their faith (through ministry). If you have children and what to know what happens in your local parish – do make enquiries.

As a Diocese support for children and young people happens through catechetical camps, youth gatherings and pilgrimage. For details of what might be happening enquire in your parish.



Youth Events 

Youth Events aims to accompany young people on their journey to take ownership of their faith from their childhood faith. It also aims to create a sense of fraternity amongst the youth. There are 4 strategies to it’s mission; Come and see; explore; connect and become a disciple. This is not meant as a linier process but aims to recognise the different stages people go through.

Youth Events offers a series of events and activities for those living or connected with the diocese. Each event has a different strategic focus in hope to reach all young people at the varying stages of their faith journey. In addition Youth Events works with parishes and groups to support them with their mission to work with young people.

The Youth Events team is largely made up of volunteers. If you feel you would like to support youth ministry in your parish or wider please click on the button below. Bless Youth Ministry.

Would you like to help to organise the Diocesan Youth Rally?

Youth Events are seeking volunteers to help organise the Youth Rally. The Youth Rally will be held at St Rita’s in Honiton on Saturday 28th September. The event has been enjoyed by many in the diocese since the 1960’s. It consists of a series of fun activities and races including the infamous obstacle course. For more information about the event please contact Youth Events by clicking the button below,

– Bless Youth Ministry.

Youth Adventure Weekend           24th – 26th May 2024           

Grangehurt, Buckfast Abbey TQ11 0EE

I am with you Matthew 28:20

The Adventure weekend is run by Youth Events for young people aged 10 – 14. The aim of the weekend is for young people across the diocese to come together, develop friendships and a chance to feel connected with fellow Catholics across the diocese. During the weekend they will have the chance to explore their faith through the scripture, ‘I am with you’. The adventures include caving and bush craft, with many other challenges and activities threaded throughout the weekend. There is a recommended contribution of £100 to help cover costs.

Our Catholic schools

The foundation of our Catholic schools is our primary mission, that each child should be able to encounter the living God, who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth. This mission rests on three interdependent objectives: to provide an environment in which children are enabled to build and deepen their relationship with God; to foster a rigorous academic culture aimed at the pursuit of truth; and to actively promote the development and growth of virtue in each child.

– Bishop Mark O’Toole.

Catholic Children’s Society

Offering crisis grants and family guidance across Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, the Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) helps children and their families irrespective of whether they are Catholic or not. The services we provide include: individual grants and bursaries for families and children in need, parenting courses through diocesan schools, programmes on social concern for school groups. The Society is committed to working with and for all families and children, whatever their belief. But it takes inspiration for its work from a commitment to putting the Christian gospel into action.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” – Frederick Douglas

Summer camps

The Summer Catechetical Camps provide young Catholics of the Diocese of Plymouth opportunities to learn about their faith within a holiday atmosphere. Originally the vision of the Catholic Women’s League, who organised and ran them for many years, they are now run by a dedicated team of volunteers, many of whom have experienced camp for themselves. For our youngsters this experience of ‘Church’ changes their attitudes and influences their choices in life. It has fostered vocations to the priesthood and encourages a deeper engagement with the challenges and opportunities of being a young Catholic in today’s world.