Life, marriage and family

“In the family we learn to love, to forgive, to be generous and open, not closed and selfish. We learn to move beyond our needs, to encounter others and share our lives with them. That is why families are so important in God’s plan.” – Pope Francis

Marriage Enrichment

Investing in your marriage and your relationship with each other is important and the Church wants to help you with this. Your parish priest or deacon will be available to pray with you and advise you on ways to strengthen your relationship.
The Marriage Kit created by SmartLoving is an online course for married couples wanting a lasting, passionate relationship. Register for the SmartLoving Marriage Kit here:

Marriages in Distress

Many couples at various stages of their marriage face times where they feel stuck and are at a standstill in their relationship. The SmartLoving Breakthrough online course helps marriages under stress by working with individual spouses to optimise their interior peace so that they can approach their difficulties from a position of strength and love.

This course will help to:

*Identify conflict triggers
*Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
*Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

Register for SmartLoving Breakthrough here: