Education, Formation and Development

Education, Formation & Development

This is an overarching area of work which covers all the other four strategic priorities. It seeks to encourage and integrate Catholic Social Teaching and initiatives across Catholic charities, schools and parishes, and link with other agencies.

In keeping with our Vision to live out the Gospel it also prioritises vulnerable people, whether affected by ill health (both mental and physical), disability, poverty, bereavement, family breakdown, addiction, global conflict or environmental change.

Principal Objectives:

  • To encourage liaison across the Caritas Plymouth network.
  • To encourage volunteering and befriending across Catholic parishes.
  • To prioritise vulnerable people and those who are facing challenges in life.
  • To support Catholic Social Teaching and the Love in Action programme in Catholic schools and parishes.
  • To identify hidden and disguised need – both practical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Integrating the ministry of charity (Caritas) with the ministry of proclaiming the word of God (Evangelising).

Principal Activities:

  • Identify what is already happening in parishes by mapping existing activity and need and providing the tools for a parish to carry out a local assessment.
  • Share information across the diocese and provide co-ordination of key dates and events.
  • Provide signposting to what information and support is available and liaise with other agencies.
  • Develop a central source of information focusing initially on Community Sponsorship and Children and Family Life.
  • Encourage integration between parishes, schools and the Love in Action programmes.
  • Establish a mechanism for sharing good practice amongst parishes.
  • Investigate the possibility of Caritas Ambassadors in schools and parishes.
  • Provide practical formation on how Caritas initiatives and evangelising will be naturally combined.