Preparing for marriage?

Congratulations! Our church rejoices with you during this special time as you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage

Newly Engaged?

This is a very exciting time in your lives. We share in your joy and wish to support you as you prepare to join your lives together in Christ’s Church.
Did you know that Marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church? The word sacrament means a sign of the sacred and like all the sacraments it is important to understand and be properly prepared before receiving them.

Please contact the priest of the parish you live in to confirm which pre-marriage preparation course they would like you and your fiancé to enrol in.

Pre-Marriage Preparation Courses

SmartLoving Engaged is an online Catholic marriage preparation course for engaged couples. Consisting of 9 lessons, a couple can progress through the course at their own pace and will receive a certificate of completion at the end.

Find out more or register for the SmartLoving Engaged course here: