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Community Sponsorship in Sidmouth

The first diocesan Community Sponsorship application has been submitted to the Home Office to resettle a refugee family in Sidmouth. It is hoped that the family will arrive around Easter.

Welcome to Caritas Plymouth

Caritas Plymouth shares in the mission of the Catholic Church. We support the network of social action charities and parishes within the Plymouth Diocese, working in partnership with them to help poor, vulnerable and marginalised people.


To express Christian love for all people through the practical service of those in need, of all faiths and none, by:

  • Increasing support to those in need
  • Increasing volunteering and befriending
  • Making a greater contribution to the common good of society
  • Enhancing education and formation within the Christian community, helping people appreciate the importance of sharing, respect, and love in the spirit of the Gospel.

The Caritas Plymouth network is a confederation of local Catholic charities and parishes. The network will provide mutual support, strategic direction, and added value. It will also develop social action projects which address local need or unite parishes for the common good of society.

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Catholic Social Teaching & Love in Action

Catholic Social teaching sits at the heart of the mission of Caritas. CST has 6 core themes and as Saint John Paul II puts “The theological dimension is needed both for interpreting and for solving present-day problems in human society”.

Education, Formation & Development

This is an outreach area of work which covers all the other four strategic priorities. It seeks to encourage and integrate Catholic Social Teaching and initiatives across Catholic charities, schools and parishes, and link with other agencies.

Children & Family Life

Children and family life, including pro-life activities. This strategic priority will build on the excellent work of the local Catholic Children’s Society (CCSP) providing material and moral support to families in need and parenting programmes.

Elderly & Isolated

This strategic priority is very important, given the ageing population in the Plymouth Diocese. Our aim is to help support the excellent work of those already trying to tackle these issues within the Diocese. Including the likes of SVP (linked below), the Catenians and the Catholic Women’s League.


This strategic priority will build on the existing Parish initiatives, supporting local Homeless charities and hostels. Community support can play a vital role in restoring hobbies and interests and further engage the in community life.

Refugees and Migrants

Through this priority, the Caritas Network will explore how the Gospel imperative to ‘Welcome the Stranger’ can be translated into practical action. Our aim is to support the initiative established by the Apostleship of the Sea.