On Sunday 17th October Bishop Mark launched the Diocesesan synodal Journery -‘ Walking Together.

A two-year ‘synodal’ process taking place in the Catholic Church from October 2021 that culminates in the final Synod Gathering of Bishops in Rome in October 2023. The overall theme is “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission”. Pope Francis opened the Synodal Journey in Rome on 10th October.

Together with members of the Clergy, Religious and lay men and women – who  each gave testimonies during the service at Plymouth Cathedral, Bishop Mark spoke about how important home is for us.  How we all long for a place to call home where we are secure, where we can rest.  This journey where we recognise that we walk together.  We too long to be at home. To be secure, to find a place of rest and of safety.  Ultimately that will come for us when we find our place in the Father’s House. Will be embraced by Him in an eternal face to face.

To find out more details about this Synodal Journey and read Bishop Mark’s full homily please follow the links below. If you wish you can also see the service in full which was streamed live.

Launch of Walking together in the Diocese