Walking Together: Updates

For the first time, the Synod Office in Rome has produced a comprehensive process which encompasses the stated aim of the Holy Father that the Church in today’s world should have a vision of missionary communion orientated to evangelisation. The process began in the Particular (or Local) Church and is now at the level of the Bishops’ Conference. From there, discernment takes place in the Regional Area – for England and Wales, it will be steered by the European Council of Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE) – before moving to the Universal Church with the final Synod Gathering of Bishops in 2023. The Synodal journey in our Diocese has been supported by our Diocesan Co-Contact Persons, Canon John Deeny V.G. and Deborah Fisher OBE. T A short presentation about the Synodal Journey in our Diocese is here.  The working group has offered a range of briefing sessions and you can find a recording of the facilitator briefing here. On 16 November, Austen Ivereigh gave a talk on the wider context behind this global Synod which you can watch here.

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