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I will give you shepherds after my own heart.

Jeremiah 3:15


Ever since I was seventeen the Lord has exercised a particular attraction over my heart, no other can replace. That attraction, that sense of being drawn to Him and wanting to respond in a concrete way through service of others, we describe as a vocation. We need to promote vocations in the Church. Our goal must be to instil in our young people such a love and appreciation for the sacraments and the priesthood that they will not only consider a vocation themselves, but also encourage their peers to be open to such a path.

Bishop Mark O’Toole Pastoral letter for Vocations Sunday.

Too many vocations fall by the wayside due to peer pressure. Parents, priests, catechists and teachers all have a part to play in encouraging vocations in our parishes, our schools, and in the accompaniment we offer our young people. I would hope, especially, that in our efforts to reach out to others through our evangelisation initiatives that we will increase a culture of vocations discernment in the diocese.

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