Diocesan Evangelisation Team
The work of the Diocesan Evangelisation Team

When Catholics gather to celebrate the Eucharist, the final thing said to them is “Go out and announce the gospel of the Lord.” This can be done in different ways: perhaps in a   direct way such as approaching people and talking about what it means to believe in Jesus or it can be very quiet and undramatic, by simply helping others, offering to pray for them, and explaining why when people enquire. The simple existence of a visible community with its associated church building in a town can often be an invitation for people to “Come and See”.

Evangelisation teams

Many Catholics are not sure how they can share their faith with others, and may feel uncomfortable with the thought of words like “Evangelisation.” But once people realise that sharing faith is a normal – and essential – part of being a Christian, they want some help and guidance to do so. In this Diocese parish communities are encouraged to set up small Evangelisation Teams to look for opportunities and ways of sharing the gospel.