Diocesan Evangelisation Team
The work of the Diocesan Evangelisation Team
  • To Form a Dynamic and Deep Sense of Discipleship in Individuals.
  • Developing/changing attitudes on how we think, act and interact in our daily lives with regards to evangelizing
  • To Equip and Train People to Confidently Evangelise in Everyday Life.
  • To Establish Parish Evangelisation Teams.
  • To encourage leaders with vision.
  • To effect a cultural change within the Church, normalizing the fact that evangelizing is fundamental to being a Christian in obedience to the word of God and the Church’s definition of itself.
  • To Provide Opportunity for Residential in-depth Formation within Genesis Mission House and School of Discipleship.



                Find out more about the Genesis Mission by following the link:   genesismission.co.uk

Evangelisation teams

Many Catholics are not sure how they can share their faith with others, and may feel uncomfortable with the thought of words like “Evangelisation.” But once people realise that sharing faith is a normal – and essential – part of being a Christian, they want some help and guidance to do so. In this Diocese parish communities are encouraged to set up small Evangelisation Teams to look for opportunities and ways of sharing the gospel.