Life as an ordained man

Within the church some are called to service in a special way, to minister to God’s people through being ordained as priest or deacon. This sets these men apart to lead the community in worship, to preach the gospel and teach the faith, to guide and support the people as shepherds like Jesus the Good Shepherd. This is not about power, but about responsibility for the people entrusted to them.

Those who are called to priesthood are called to serve the community usually as priests in a parish where they take responsibility for celebrating worship, for baptising and marrying people, for conducting funerals, for encouraging and supporting people in their faith and for consoling and strengthening people in their sorrows. Other men can be called to be deacons. These are often married men in full time employment who also take on responsibility in a parish for helping with worship, preaching and supporting people in their faith. If you think God may be calling you to the diaconate or the priesthood, then visit this page.