On Friday 25 June the diocese gathered at the Cathedral to celebrate the ordination to the priesthood of Fr Albert Lawes.

Bishop Mark presided at the very beautiful and solemn liturgy and welcomed Fr Albert into the fraternity of the diocesan priesthood. Bishop Patrick McKinney of Nottingham was also present as was the Abbot of Buckfast Abbot David Charlesworth. The choir of Buckfast helped raise our hearts and minds to God during the Mass and the Cathedral was filled (following social distancing guidelines of course) with Fr Albert’s family, his parents and brother and sisters and many friends, relations and people from the parishes around the diocese where Fr Albert has served during his training. The Mass was followed by a barbeque reception in the Cathedral garden and many stayed and enjoyed the Cathedral hospitality.

Fr Albert will take up his appointment as Assistant Priest at Sacred Heart Parish is Exeter in September. We keep him in our prayers and thank God for his vocation and future ministry. Ad multos annos! Thanks be to God!