Prayers on the theme of peace written by people from across our Diocese


Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with peaceful thoughts

Come Holy Spirit prompt us to say sorry

Come Holy Spirit open our hearts to welcome Jesus.

Come Holy Spirit.


Come Holy Spirit help us to make room for strangers.

Come Holy Spirit give us open minds.

Come Holy Spirit teach us how to pray

Come Holy Spirit.



By Fiona Hutchings for the Chaplaincy at St Boniface Catholic College, Plymouth.


Dear Lord,

We ask you to fill our lives with peace.

There is so much uncertainty in our world, with your love and guidance we can work together to build a brighter future.

Give us the strength to all walk on the same path towards peace.


By Heidi Long, aged 12, St Joseph’s parish, Newton Abbott. 

Lord Jesus Christ, Please bring peace and unity into all nations, especially the troubled nations, allow peace to reign. Bring peace to all world leaders so they guide the nations in a pleasing way that makes you happy, keep safe those in conflicted areas and help them to see your light and dispel the darkness and all evil from within hardened hearts.

Protect the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death, bring peace to those who are about to breathe their last breath, to those who are weary and burdened, to those who are living in lonliness, to those who have anxieties and troubles in everyday life. Peace is something everyone should have brought into their lives and to share with all. Lord Jesus Christ show your loving kindness and bring peace into the world. 

by Dannii Pittam, St Mary’s Parish Poole


Dearest Lord,

The world around me seems to be such a mess. If I were to make a list, it would paint a picture of desolation and negative words that caused my heart to ache. There is so much destruction, there is so much grief.

So rather than stoop to these places of pain in my life, those of the people around me, and in the lives I see abroad, portrayed by the media, so intent on showing me the destruction of man, I fix my eyes on you Lord Jesus.

You came as a child into this world to grow into a man, to take away all pain, all destruction, to be our salvation. This tiny babe. You are the peace bearer. So, as I take each woe and place them into your care, I imagine them as a piece of straw lining the Manger with a gentle, peaceful babe placed gently upon them; full of hope, full of love, full of joy, full of innocence, full of promise, full of peace.

I know that in all things you work for good. Jesus, I trust in you.

So, Lord I turn to you, I look into your face, and I put the struggles behind you, and I focus on you.

You who bring the peace that stretches beyond all understanding.

Still my heart.

Calm my soul.

Radiate your love towards me, so that all that is dark cannot be seen, but instead I can soak in your beautiful face.

This Advent as I journey towards you, clear the path to my heart, send me your comfort, and cover me in your perfect peace.

I ask this is Jesus’ Holy name. Amen.

By Tanya Trevena 


The image featured is of art work and writing created by pupils at St Boniface Catholic College.