And the Lord will wipe the tear from every cheek

The shadow of a mourning veil,

Once folded, put aside,

Now lays across these fields of loss;

These places where they died.


The innocent no longer dream

Of Joy in peaceful time.

Now felled in grief, they lie beneath

The horror of the crime.


No hope can breath where hatred


When fists strike cruel and hard.

And hour by hour, hate grows in


And shatters love to shard.


Yet He who sought to comfort


Who knew the way of pain:

Still comes and stands with

outstretched hands,

Nails hammered in again.


He loves the ones who suffer now,

He sees the ones who kill.

And every tear and every fear,

And every curse so filled with hate,

And every moment filled with


He holds and feels and takes and


And waits to wipe from every


The horror of our hate.