The Camels Wonder

The camels cough and swagger on

like drunken men,

And question the sobriety of these


Who stumble on a journey with no

end in sight

But some seek treasure

underneath a guiding light.

Whose fire, so old in time, may be

already night.


The mammals marvel at the

thinking of these fools.

And snigger as they map read from

the heaven’s veil.

They wonder at the wisdom which

they claim to own

Which leads to inquire at

tyrant’s bloodied throne,

If he has heard of any new kings

lately born.


But now the dromedaries hear

their riders gasp,

As crawling from the king they see

their torch once more.

And, led by light, they push the

stable door aside.

Their ageing hearts, once closed,

are now thrown open wide.

Their darkness banished, sorrow

nowhere left to hide.