“Let the children come to me”: a message from Bishop Mark to all those involved in Catholic Education in the Diocese of Plymouth


I wanted to take this opportunity to say a word to all our headteachers, governors and staff working so hard in all our Catholic schools across the Diocese.

I hope you will not mind me, reminding all of us, of an episode in the life of Thomas Edison.  He was, of course a great American inventor, famous for the invention of the light bulb, and so many electrical and electronic instruments, that we use today.  We would not be able to communicate through social media without his inventions.

What is less well known about him, is that when he was a child, the young Thomas, was sent home from school with a note for his mother.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the note aloud to her son, “Your son is a genius.  Our school is too small to teach him.  It would be best if you taught him at home.”  Years later, after his mother died, Edison was going through some of her papers, and came across the note his teacher had written to his mother, so many years before.  It actually read, “Your son is mentally deficient.  We cannot have him in our school.  Please teach him yourself at home.”


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Pastoral Message from Bishop Mark to Schools of the Diocese