The Synod Office in Rome has prepared some guidelines: a Vademecum with themes and questions which are to assist the local Church in the consultation. The questions/ reflections need to be adapted for use in our own diocese, so that they also assist us in our ongoing reflection of ‘A Precious Place of God’s Grace’.

We developed Diocesan resources and guidance for parishes, communities and individuals, to support the process. We aimed to reduce the workload and burden on our parishes, whilst also trying to encourage the widest possible engagement.  We are grateful to  the many people who responded to this listening phase. We are now moving forward with further engagement as we start to pull together our Diocesan synthesis.

You can find links to the main documents below. New documents will be found here as the process develops.

Preparatory Document

Vademecum or Guide for Listening and Discernment

Simplified Prayer Adsumus Sancte Spriritus

A Precious Place of God’s Grace

Suggested tools for reflection sharing

The Spiritual Conversion

Biblical resources for the synodal journey