A group of young people were inspired by the Flame 2023 event at Wembley stadium, so the Diocese of Plymouth Youth Events team decided to explore running something similar within the Diocese and Inspire was born. Whilst planning Inspire, we’ve found the best bands and speakers in the South West, as well as inviting One Hope Project and keynote speaker Daniella Stephens from further afield. Joe from One Hope Project along with Steve from Pursue Network have been key in planning and organising Inspire. Other bands in the line up include: Vineyard – Falmouth, and Crossbeam. Along with Daniella, we will hear from Fr Ignatius, Iona Robinson and a refugee. Similar to Flame, Inspire will conclude with adoration in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Buckfast Abbey.

Who do you say I am? Mt 16:15 is the underpinning theme for Inspire 2024. The scripture aims to encourage our youth to reflect on who they see Jesus as, what does He mean to them and how is He part of their lives. Understanding who God is to them will affect and reflect the relationship they have with Him. Inspire aims to remind everyone that they are filled with the Holy Spirit, while inspiring them to continue to explore and grow in God’s love and spread his word.

Inspire is on Saturday 2nd March 2024 at Buckfast Abbey. Tickets are £25. This event is aimed at those aged 13 – 25. Booking is essential.

Please contact Saskia, our Youth Ministry and Events lead at youth@prcdtr.org.uk for booking and more info.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Bourba, unsplash.