Flame 2019

FLAME is the biggest event for young Catholics in the country. Every two years more than 8,000 enthusiastic young Catholics gather at Wembley Arena to affirm and celebrate their faith.

FLAME 2019 did not disappoint. More than 150 young people from the Diocese of Plymouth traveled to London by coach to join in the celebrations. The theme this year was #significance and focussed on ideas around self-worth and self-esteem, particularly challenging today when so many youngsters’ lives are dominated by social media.

Speakers included Cardinal Vincent Nicholls from the Diocese of Westminster, Robert Madu from the USA and from our own diocese, David Wells. Artists Guvna B and Tim Hughes helped to keep the energy levels high with their performances.

On the journey home, some of our young people shared their #significant moments. Veronica recalled the dynamic Robert Madu who highlighted the importance of “staying in your own lane and keeping your eye of Jesus”. Santiago commented on “not comparing myself with other people”. Inspiring and powerful lessons for our youngsters to take forward. Paddy’s #significant moment came from the Catenians who shared their experiences of working across the world. He was inspired and is considering getting involved himself. The Catenians in the diocese helped provide the scarfs and hats you can see in the photos, Thanks to them for making everyone look so fetching!

So, here’s to FLAME 2021! Watch this space for more details.

Flame is organised in partnership with the Diocese of Westminster and CYMFED (Catholic Youth Ministry Federation) and what an fantastic job they do. Missed out this year? Some of the great talks and presentations can be found on the CYMFED YouTube page. Alternatively, keep an eye out for Flame 2021. It’s bound to be as amazing, if not more amazing than this year.

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