Bishop Mark encourages Catholics to have fidelity and courage of St Cuthbert and the Martyrs.

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On the 25th October, the Catholic Church marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Canonisation of St Cuthbert Mayne and the thirty-nine other Martyrs, who died for the Catholic faith in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  In a Pastoral Message, Bishop Mark encourages those who can, to return to Mass, to be physically present in a church.  Recognising that the world is in many ways “shrouded in gloom” at this time because of the “deadly virus”, Bishop Mark asked parishioners who were not vulnerable and not having to shield, “to be present once more at the holy sacrifice of the Mass.”  He stressed that they could do so, “safely, whilst observing all the necessary protocols”.

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20-10-25 Pastoral Message on Anniversary of St Cuthbert Mayne and the Forty Martyrs