Welcome to the Diocese

– Sr Juliana and Sr Vincey




We welcome into the Diocese, the Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The community arrived in the Diocese just after Easter and two of the sisters are living in the Presbytery at Our Lady of Fatima, Brixey Road in Poole.  The sisters are already feeling at home and have their Provincial, Sr Kusum,  with them for these next couple of weeks to help them settle.  The sisters will be working across St Joseph’s parish with Parish Priest, Fr Chris Findlay-Wilson.  Parishioners helped prepare the house for their arrival and are looking forward to working with the sisters.  It’s a great joy to welcome them into our Diocesan family and we hope that they will have many years with us. Pictured left Sr. Kusum (Provincial), Sr Juliana and Sr Vincey.

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