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Diocesan Trustees


In civil law, the Trustees are incorporated as “Plymouth Diocesan Trustee Company Limited” , a company limited by guarantee (Reg. 14632566). This company does not conduct any trade or business on its own account, and has no assets or liabilities. Its sole purpose is to act as trustee of a number of trusts and funds, of which Plymouth Diocesan Trust is the principal one.

The Board of Trustees consists of the Bishop, senior clergy and suitably qualified and experienced lay faithful of the Diocese. Together they meet up to 6 times in a year, and they are responsible for the governance of the charitable trust. By law, the assets of the Charity (i.e. buildings, cash, investments, IT and intellectual property) are vested in the Trustees. The role of each trustee is vital to the success and continuing growth of the Diocese. The contribution made by each individual trustee ensures that the mission of the Church is achieved and that the charitable objectives of the Trust are met in terms of people and property, and are in compliance with Civil and Canon Law.

The Directors of Plymouth Diocesan Trustee Company Limited (herein referred to as Trustees) are:

Canon Paul Cummins – Diocesan Administrator and Chair
Canon Mark O’Keeffe
Canon Kristian Paver
Canon John Deeny
Fr Jonathan Bielawski
Fr Petroc Cobb
Joseph Acton
Kate Baylis
Derek Butler
Sir Neil Butterfield
Andrew Johnson
Declan Keogh
Jane Trott

Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the Trustees
Anthony Akinpelu
01364 645454

Key Documents
Plymouth Diocesan Trust Financial Statements March 2022