Taking Action

‘And the Lord took the man and put him in the garden to till it and keep it.’

Genesis 2:15

The Church calls on us to consider our role and to question what we are each doing to protect the earth. It may not seem that we can do much but ‘the might of the ocean is made up of single drops of water’.   The Annual Review of our Environment Policy (2021-22) shows the progress that has already been made – but there is much more to be done!

The Diocese of Plymouth has created a short document with some suggestions for how our Environmental Policy can be implemented in our schools, parishes and personal lives. This document will be regularly updated to reflect new guidance and emerging best practice.

Advocate for Change

The Laudato Si Pledge was created by Global Catholic Climate Movement to encourage Catholics to turn the Laudato Si Encyclical into action to care for the planet. The Pledge is a commitment to live simply, to pray for our common home and advocate for its protection. We have also created our own Diocesan pledge where you can share your actions to care for our common home and also make suggestions about how you would like the Diocese of Plymouth to respond to climate issues. Click here to share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

Join the Laudato Si’ Action Platform

The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a space for institutions, communities, and families to learn and grow together as we journey towards full sustainability in the holistic spirit of integral ecology. You are warmly invited to join this community. Your unique “culture, experience, involvements, and talents” are needed on this journey towards greater love for our Creator, each other, and the home we share. (LS 14)

Sharing Case Studies

We will also be sharing local case studies on this page to offer learning and ideas.

St Mary’s Primary School Buckfast Case Study

Our Lady and St Patrick Teignmouth Case Study  

St Joseph’s Primary School Exmouth Case Study

Taking Action

The Diocese of Plymouth has ensured that 100% of its electricity is supplied by renewable energy guarantees of origin, certified by British Gas Business.

Accessing Funding

There are opportunities to access funding to support our environmental projects. A recent presentation by Caritas and the Diocesan Grants Officer gives some ideas about accessing Lottery Grant funding.