Season of Creation

‘Praise to you, my Lord, through sister Mother Earth, who sustains us and governs us and who produces varied fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.’

St Francis of Assisi (from Canticle of the Sun)


The Season of Creation is an annual celebration uniting Christians in prayer and action for the protection of our common home. The idea of celebrating 1 September as a day of prayer for creation began at the wish of the Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios in 1989, and was endorsed by Pope Francis in 2015. The season runs from September 1 to October 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. During this season we are encouraged to pray and engage in community events in order to deepen our relationship with our God, our neighbour and the earth we share, being ever more attentive to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. Writing about the season in 2019 Pope Francis said, “this is the season for letting our prayer be inspired anew,” a season “to reflect on our lifestyles,” and a season “for undertaking prophetic actions … calling for courageous decisions … directing the planet towards life, not death.”

We would like to assist all parishes and catholic communities to celebrate this season by pointing to some resources. These are not exhaustive:

Season of Creation 2023

Message of Pope Francis for Creation Day

CAFOD prayer resources

Laudato Si’ Movement

Season of Creation Poster 2023

Global Healing and Global Caring

Caritas Diocese of Plymouth also has some funding to support parishes wishing to organise events during Season of Creation 2023. Please email for more information.