Life as a married person

For the great number of Catholics, their faith is lived out within marriage, which is treated with great respect by the Church. Marriage is regarded as a sacrament by Catholics, which means it is seen as being a special encounter with Christ. By being married Catholics express the love of Christ for his church, by their marriage Catholics make present God’s love in the world in a special way.

The faithfulness, unconditional love and self-giving that marriage entails is clear sign of the faithfulness, unconditional love and self-giving that Jesus revealed and reveals still. No one can underestimate the tremendous challenge and responsibility of raising a family – nor the great joys that it brings. That is why the Catholic Church has a lot of important teaching and guidance on marriage and family life for a married person their Catholic faith is lived out through their marriage and through their being a parent. That is the way that they carry out calling (vocation) as a disciple of Jesus.