From the very earliest times the Church has baptised infants and welcomed them into the Church, even though they could not choose the faith for themselves. But as individuals we always have to choose how we live and take responsibility for what we believe. So the sacrament of Confirmation is given to us to allow people to “confirm” their faith and to ask for help to live it out. In this Diocese young people – perhaps at 14 – or older or younger depending on circumstances – can make the decision to ask God to confirm their desire to be part of the community of faith and ask for the strength and help they will need to take that on for themselves. The whole community is a part of that support – the family and parish all pray for the young people and the presence of the Bishop makes their commitment very significant in the eyes of the church.

Because this is a moment when the person takes responsibility for the gift of faith that they received in baptism, they can even adopt a new name to be added to their existing names. Above all this is a moment when the community asks the Holy spirit to come to the young people and be with them to support and aid them in their faith as Catholic Christians.

God our Father
Complete the work you have begun and keep the gifts of the Holy Spirit active in the hearts of your people.
Make them ready to live his Gospel and eager to do his will.
Amy they never be ashamed to proclaim to all the world Christ crucified living and reigning for ever and ever.