The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have shared that the theme for Racial Justice Sunday is:

All are included in the mission of Christ and His Church. Let us walk together, pray together and work together

This prayer is for individuals or parishes to use on Racial Justice Sunday.

God of our past, present and future,
you created each one of us in your image and likeness,
help us to recognise you in each person.

As we pray for end to suffering caused by racism
lead us this day to walk with one another,
pray with one another and work together,
so that we create a future based on justice and healing,
where all can fulfil the hope you have for all peoples.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Resources on the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales include discussion points for parishes, resources for schools, prayer posters such as the above featuring images of Our Lady and Jesus from around the world and motivational videos from leading lights in the racial justice sector.

In a video entitled ‘Praying Together for Racial Justice’ Bishop Paul McAleenan, lead bishop for Racial Justice, asserts that ‘It is essential that we advocate and actively work for racial justice. It is also necessary to pray for that cause. Some may even  consider establishing a prayer group precisely to pray with others for racial justice in their own community and throughout the world.’

In a section on ‘Walking together for Racial Justice’ Father Mark Odion reflects that ‘The United Kingdom is a society that is richly blessed with multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multicultural, and multi-religious communities. It is very much imperative that all these communities come together to walk together because there is strength in togetherness. There is an African proverb that says, “if you want to walk fast, walk alone; but if you want to walk far, walk together.”

Finally, in her video on the theme of ‘Working Together for Racial Justice’ Nalini Nathan, General Secretary of the Conference of Religious and a trustee of CARJ, the Catholic Association for Racial Justice, also offers three thoughts to help us focus on ‘Working Together’ for racial justice. In her video Nalini shares 3 key points:

  1. Each and every culture is a gift from God that is needed for working to build up His kingdom.
  2. Own your privilege -it is a gift to be used to help others step forward, it can be used to help others participate and share their talents.
  3. Look outwards, that’s a part of the mission and calling of each of us who make up the Body of Christ and His Church.

Please visit their website for more

Caritas Plymouth welcomes parishes to get in touch at if they want some help facilitating an event for Racial Justice Sunday or setting up a Racial Justice prayer and/or social action group.