In partnership with Survivor Voices and Scottish Laity Network, Root and Branch will be holding two online events that follow on from their “Stolen Lives” talks about abuse in the church.  The new series of events is called, “Reclaiming Stolen Lives”.  These events are about the impact of abuse in the church on victims and survivors, and how we can help to make our church a safer place.

The first talk of the event will be held on the 2nd November at 7pm.  The speaker is Fr Hans Zollner SJ, who is a theologian, psychologist, psychotherapist and a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.  The second talk will be held on the 16th November at 8pm.  The speaker is Antonia Sobocki who is a wife, mother, carer and a Roman Catholic Activist.

For further information about these events please click HERE to view the poster.  You can sign up to attend these events by clicking on the links in the poster.