At a ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica on Ascension Thursday, Pope Francis solemnly proclaimed the upcoming Jubilee Year 2025,

As Vatican News reports ‘“Hope” is the overarching theme of the upcoming Ordinary Jubilee of 2025, a theme reflected in the opening words of the Bull of Indiction, entitled “Spes non confundit. Hope does not disappoint.”

The Pope announced that the Jubilee year will begin with ‘the opening of The Holy Door of the Archbasilica of St John Lateran, the Cathedral of Rome.’ He declared that all Cathedrals throughout the world, including our own in Plymouth, should celebrate Mass on Dec 29th 2024 as the solemn opening of the jubilee in their communities. He has encouraged dicoeses to organise pilgrimages to their cathedrals for the occasion.

You can learn more about the jubilee at the official website here-