As we are called to deepen our prayer life this Lenten season, Fr Denis Collin, based at St Mary’s Parish in Poole, Dorset, has kindly shared some cherished prayers with us that may be of inspiration and spiritual assistance as we strive to cultivate daily prayer.


Morning Prayer  – on rising :

Thank you God for this wonderful new day.

Fill my heart with your Love and let the praise of your Glory be on my lips and the joy of my life every second of this day.

I praise and thank you today with a grateful heart.

I thank you for all the Blessings you will bestow on me.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit

that I may be positive and energised;

and in  all things today remain happy, joyful and sincerely thankful.

My smile is your Love in me.


By V. Thorne.


Bedtime Prayer  

Thank you, God for all the blessings you bestowed on me today and on those I have thought about…prayed about…and met.

I welcome your presence in my life and thank you for the gift of today.

For my failures, lack of joy or lack of positive thought or action, I ask for your love and forgiveness.

Now, in trust and humility, I lay myself in your loving embrace.

Stay with me, touch me, heal me.

May I sleep well, and wake rejuvenated into the joys and hope of a wonderful new day.       Amen.

By  V. Thorne.