Fr Denis Collin celebrated a very special Mass yesterday, 14.6.23, at St Mary’s Poole for the 70 year anniversary of ordination! The beautiful Mass was full of joy, thanksgiving, emotion, humour and music, including some singing in Irish to honour Fr Denis’s heritage. Fr John’s homily paid tribute to Fr Denis, highlighting how ‘ through 70 years, through ups and downs… he has been a faithful priest to our lord and to the diocese.’
Fr Denis celebrated the Mass with warmth and devotion. He gave everyone a heartfelt welcome, and made a point of thanking priests and the parishes he has served and been a part of throughout the Mass. His dedication to the priesthood and the people he has been called to serve shone through as well as his ability to connect with the congregation and inspire people, his kindness and his wit!
He called the children present ‘the church of the future’ and, in alignment with his past role as a vocations director, expressed his hope that ‘please God one or two or even more of you will consider becoming priests, thank you today for helping us with your prayers and your singing, God love you all!’
In a touching moment, he also presented a gift (Fr Frog!) to his great great great niece Sophia who was in attendance with her Mum.
In turn, our diocesan administrator Canon Paul Cummins gave Fr Denis two gifts: a book of Pope Francis’s latest writings from the diocese, and also presented him with an official Papal blessing acknowledging his 70 years of loving service here in our diocese. The whole celebration was full of gratitude and joy, and the love for and from Fr Denis was palpable throughout.
If you would like to watch the service please click on this link:
If you would like to send a card, gift or email to Fr Denis please contact the parish office at St Mary’s Poole-
01202 675412