Diocesan Evangelisation Team Head to Canada

  – To speak at the New Evangelisation Summit



Last month Michele Thompson and Fr Jonathan Bielawski travelled to Canada to speak at ‘New Evangelisation Summit’ in Ottowa. They spoke about the development of the Genesis Mission an initiative to help and encourage people within the Diocese of Plymouth to take an active role in evangelising.

And as Michele put to the audience of 4,000 “We don’t want to impose on people or make people feel awkward or feel awkward ourselves,” she said. “The good Lord has equipped us perfectly; we have to uncover what He’s given us.” and  “have the explicit intention to evangelize through words and actions on a daily basis,”.

Want to read more about the Diocesan Evangelisation Teams trip to Canada and NES conference click here to read the official report.

Photos sourced from NES Facebook.

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