Bishop Mark recently met with Nick and Renee Salabsab at Bishop’s House (photo attached).  They are parishioners at Abbey Road, Torquay and are the Diocesan Coordinators of the ecclesial movement known as “Couples for Christ”.  Nick Salabsab has written the following about this impressive Catholic movement:

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a Christian Catholic Community for the renewal and strengthening of family life and for making the love of God known and experienced among the poor.  It started in June 1981 in Manila, Philippines with 16 couples.  Now it is a worldwide community in 127 countries with more than a million active members.  It is a highly evangelistic community and is officially recognized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council of the Laity.  As members we are moved by the Holy Spirit, one with the Catholic Church, blessed to witness to Christ in love and service.  We, the Couples for Christ members, are committed to live in God’s righteousness and holiness, evangelizing people through a life of love and service.  The CFC community offers support “from womb to the tomb”, meaning we have ministries for families and individuals as follows:  1. Kids for Christ (KFC):  0-11 yrs old;   2. Youth for Christ (YFC): 12- 21 yrs old;  3, Singles for Christ (SFC): 22 – 40 yrs old; 4. Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD): 41 years old and above, including widowed women; 5. Servants of the Lord (SOLD): men 41 years old and above, including widowed men.  For further information about Couples for Christ and its different activities, please contact Nick Salabsab on or Tel. 01803315628.