On Friday 5 November, around 60 pupils from seven schools within the Plymouth Roman Catholic Multi-Academy Trust (Plymouth CAST) came together at Plymouth Cathedral for a Mass to reflect and pray about climate change.

Bishop Mark said that children and young people so often are overlooked in our world. We listen to the leaders or the priests or the teachers or the adults. Over this reality of our creation and climate however, it is young people and children who are showing the way. Young people are showing us and challenging us to do better, to look after the beautiful things in God’s creation, not just for ourselves, but for the children and young people who are to come in the future.  Bishop Mark encouraged the young people to continue to challenge adults to be better carers of God’s beautiful creation.

Pupils shared a range of artwork, encouraging us all to have a positive impact on others and the planet. We are all invited to continue to pray for the protection and care of our beautiful earth, and especially for all those gathering in Glasgow for COP26,  that there may be good resolutions coming from that and not just good words but good deeds for the protection of the planet for the future.