Caritas Plymouth Announces Charitable Partners




Caritas Plymouth and its 5 ore priorities including ‘Elderly & Islolated’, ‘Homelessness’, ‘Children and Family Life’, ‘Refugees and Migrants’ and ‘Education, Formation and Development’. Inorder to help these vulnerable groups and causes Caritas Plymouth has partnered with several charities. The Caritas Plymouth network is a confederation of local Catholic charities and parishes. The network will provide mutual support, strategic direction, and added value. It will also develop social action projects which address local need or unite parishes for the common good of society.

Our partners are:

The Apostleship of the Sea
The Catenians
The Catholic Women’s League
The St Vincent de Paul Society
The Catholic Children’s Society
Justice and Peace

Click the links above and learn even more about Caritas Plymouth new partners. Caritas Plymouth is due to launch on May 18th 2019.

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