Go therefore, make disciples of all the nations.

Matthew 28:19

The global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be  an evolving situation.

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The latest from Bishop Mark O’Toole

In October 2021, Pope Francis will open a three-year synodal journey with three phases of consultations and discernment, culminating with an assembly in October 2023 in Rome. The first phase of the Synodal Process will be a time of listening in local churches.

Our Diocese will continue the synodal journey which started with ‘A Precious Place of God’s Grace’. Later in the year, working through our parishes and schools, we will be fostering as broad a consultation as possible, reaching out to integrate the voice of the poor and the excluded – walking together to explore how the Church can respond to today’s challenges and engage everyone in being more Missionary.

I encourage everyone in our Diocese to engage in this important process in the life of the Church, locally and universally, so that we can all be more effective missionary disciples.

Bishop Mark O’Toole

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Prisons Week 2021 – Online Event Report

Prisons Week 2021 – Online Event Report

Journeying from Despair to Hope…  On October 12th, nearly 60 people came together online to reflect and pray for prisons, prisoners and their families. Speakers included Bishop Mark O'Toole,  Andy Keen-Downs, Chief executive of Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT) and...

Walking Together – Our Synodal Journey

Walking Together – Our Synodal Journey

By Father John Deeny, Diocese of Plymouth Synodal Journey Coordinator The word 'Synod' comes from two Greek words meaning on the path, road or way together. Pope Francis has just opened a two-year Synodal Journey with three phases (diocesan, continental, universal) of...

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